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Several Scissors

Adult Grooms

Full Groom

Matted Dog Agreement

Customer record card/
terms and conditions

Animal First Aid Cert

Basic Health Checklist

Whats included:


       Warm bath with a professional

       high-quality shampoo


       Clip and/or trim

       Nails clipped (if required)

       The dog will be groomed close           to the KC breed standard

       Time is taken to establish the life         style of the owner and the dog             and the groom will then be                   tailored around what would be             practical enabling the owner to           manage/maintained the coat               between being professional                 groomed.



       I offer a variety of dog grooming         services including hand stripping  

The Process:

The health check has been carried out any concerns noted for the owner on return

The coat will be combed and brushed to establish any matting and this will also highlight any areas that the dog may find sensitive, for example objects to the legs being brushed or combed

If the dog is in for clipping for the first-time the back of the clipper is gentle held against the dog’s body to establish if the dog is nervous or concerned by the vibration or sound of the clippers at this stage you are not clipping the coat.

The dog will be styled inline with the kennel club breed standard, there is not one style for all as the life style of the dog and owner will be taken into account and will be discussed beforehand with the owner. I allow the dog to see and smell the brushes, comb and clippers this reinforces not to be frightened of these tools.

Upon the coat being brushed and combed the dog will be taken to the bathing area and washed with a warm water and a good quality shampoo suitable for the coat type.

A blast dryer is used to remove the water from the coat if the dog objects to the blast dryer, then we use a towel.

The dog is then transferred to the grooming table and a gentle style dryer is used to dry the coat and fluff dry if required ready for the clipping and the styling process to commence. Some dogs have a bath and dry with scissor work to tidy the coat and would not require clipping.

If the nails need clipping, then they are clipped at this stage of the grooming process

When the groom is finished time is taken out to reward your dog with treats left by the owner or just stroking and talking to your best friend.


N.B Please be aware that the grooming industry is not regulated and take time to choose the correct groomer for you and your beloved pet, arrange a visit with a free consultation before you book your dog in for a groom, ask questions. Take time to find a qualified professional groomer who will take time to know you and your best friend and you!!

The Five Freedoms Animal Act 2006

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

2. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

3. Freedom from discomfort (temperature, hard bedding etc)

4. Freedom from fear and distress

5. Freedom to express normal behaviour

Full Groom:


When your dog reaches maturity, they should have experienced at some stage a professional groomer carrying out a full groom and be exposed to process of bathing, drying, scissors and clippers if required


A dog of any age should be regularly groomed at home with brushes and combs. Simply by brushing and combing your dog can reinforce the hierarchy level in your pack, you being alpha leader.


On the initial contact with Pawfection Professional Grooming Services I will ask a number of questions before an appointment is offered and may request a picture of your dog, this will establish the coat type and length if your best friend has not been groomed for a period of time by a professional groomer


The questions asked are:


  1. When was your dog last groomed by a professional groomer

  2. Temperament, any issues and you will be asked to be honest and truthful and detail any problems which has happened with you or a previous groomer

  3. Any health issues, if any then as an owner you will be asked in detail to highlight them

  4. Behaviour problems with other dogs

  5. Is your dog use to being in a cage (There are Hygienic veterinary cages within the groom room which are used through the grooming process)

  6. Life style of the dog and owner will be discussed as this will form part of what groom your best friend has


After an initial chat an appointment will be offered, if the dog requires two people to carry out the groom due to size, disability or extreme nervousness then a date will be offered when two of us are working.


As an owner you have a duty of care to maintain the coat between grooms using brushes and comb to maintain the health of the coat and the wellbeing of your best friend.


Terms and conditions/ record card as an owner you will be required to signed and complete the Pawfection Professional grooming services document before the groom takes place, this is carried out on the initial visit. If the coat is matted and has to be taken off another form will be required to be completed and signed by the owner giving the groomer permission to remove the coat for the wellbeing of the dog under the animal act 2006 This document will form part of the records kept on file for your pet. The questions asked will be owners name, address, contact telephone numbers, veterinary details, has your pet been fully vaccinated, any health issues or allergies to be detailed.


The business Pawfection Professional Grooming Services is built around the dog and therefore time is taken to get to know your best friend and a basic health check will be carried out before the groom takes place, any concerns will be discussed with the owner on return to collect your dog


When your best friend enters the groom room a Basic health check will be carried out.


  1. Ears – can become blocked by hair causing the ear to sweat and start an infection, if any signs of infection are evident this will be pointed out to the owner and veterinary treatment may be required

  2. Lumps and bumps – All animals can have lumps and bumps over their body. What the grooming studio is looking for is anything of concern and will be reported to the owner

  3. Eyes- Dogs can suffer corneal ulcers, pink eye (conjunctivitis) If there is a dark yellow discharge in the corner of the eye this will indicate an infection. The grooming studio is looking to ensure the eyes are bright and clear from discharge

  4. Nails and Pads – The studio will look for damaged toe nails any evidence of debris imbedded between the toes and pads any issues will be highlighted to the owner upon collection

  5. Genitals – Check for any swelling on and around the testicles, rash on the stomach and around the genitals. Bitches any discharge which is yellow green from the vulva can indicate and infection and red sore inflamed area around the vulva and stomach area will be highlighted to the owner

  6. Skin and Coat – The studio will check the coat and skin for evidence of fleas, Ticks, dull greasy coat, flaky dandruff, pink skin sores. A check on the coat will reveal any matting and to what degree is the coat matted, if the coat has become matted then the coat may have to be taken off at this stage a mat off form will be given to the owner to sign giving permission for the coat to be taken off in line with the animal act 2006

  7. As a qualified groomer I will not express/ empty anal glands, the pet federation requests that anal gland should be dealt with by a qualified veterinarian, as a groomer we can highlight to the owner if there is a strong smell coming from the anal glands or they look inflamed and may need veterinary treatment



Any dog which is groomed regularly will have its own record card. If anything, out of the ordinary is noticed, the owner will be informed. The record card Is updated as the grooming process develops


Pawfection Professional grooming services would not accept or use shampoos supplied by the owner with the exception of a veterinary prescription shampoo


It’s vital to make the grooming experience as pleasant as possible and not rush through the groom. The average groom takes one half hours from start to finish; however large dogs can take longer. The right groomer builds a bond with your best friend, building a mutual trust, moving from groomer to groomer is not advisable, dogs like routine.


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