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Puppy Introduction

Puppy Groom

At Pawfection Professional Grooming services by Susan James. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all solution for your dog.
I take the time to get to know you and your best friend, understand your lifestyle this will help me understand what is best for you! 

Basic health check:


      When your puppy enters the                groom room a Basic health check        will be carried out.


      Ears – can become blocked by            hair causing the ear to sweat and        start an infection, if any signs of          infection are evident this will be          pointed out to the owner and                veterinary treatment may be                required

      Lumps and bumps – All animals          can have lumps and bumps over        their body. What the grooming            studio is looking for is anything of        concern and will be reported to            the owner

      Eyes - Dogs can suffer corneal            ulcers, pink eye (conjunctivitis) If        there is a dark yellow discharge          in the corner of the eye this will            indicate an infection. The                    grooming studio is looking to                ensure the eyes are bright and            clear from discharge


      Nails and Pads – The studio will          look for damaged toe nails and            evident of debris stuck between          the toes and pads and issues will        be highlighted to the owner upon        collection


      Genitals – Check for any swelling        on and around the testicles, rash        on the stomach and around the          genitals. Bitches any discharge            which is yellow green from the            vulva can indicate and infection          and red sore inflamed area                  around the vulva and stomach            area will be highlighted to the              owner


      Skin and Coat – The studio will            check the coat and skin for                  evidence of fleas, Ticks, dull                greasy coat, flaky dandruff, pink          skin sores. A check on the coat            will reveal any matting and to              what degree is the coat matted, if        the coat has become matted                then the coat may have to be              taken off at this stage a mat off            form will be given to the owner to        sign giving permission for the              coat to be taken off inline with the        animal act 2006


N.B Please be aware that the grooming industry is not regulated and take time to choose the correct groomer for you and your beloved pet, arrange a visit with a free consultation before you book your puppy in for a groom, ask questions, take time to find a qualified professional groomer who will take time to know you and your puppy and you!!

The Five Freedoms Animal Act 2006

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst

2. Freedom from pain, injury and disease

3. Freedom from discomfort (temperature, hard bedding etc)

4. Freedom from fear and distress

5. Freedom to express normal behaviour

Puppy Groom:


When buying a dog/puppy, no matter the breed, it is best that you

get them use to grooming (puppies especially) as early as possible. Part of the training a puppy involves socialization skills and dealing with different and sometimes noisy situations. The earlier they are exposed to a dog groomer the better. At Pawfection Professional Grooming services I would recommend 12-14 weeks for the first groom, after the vaccinations have been completed.


What else can you do yourself? Well. Simply brushing and combing your puppy can reinforce the hierarchy level in your pack, you being alpha leader. The time will come eventually when you need your pet professional groomer taking care of your puppy, depending on the breed this can mean something simple like a bath, blow dry and scissor work then eventually leading to more comprehensive work like clipping and styling.


Introduction to puppy grooming, time is taken to get to know your puppy, making the puppy feel secure and happy as the Initial experience at a grooming salon can set the first step for how they respond to being groomed for the rest of their lives. It’s vital to make the experience as pleasant as possible and not rush through the grooming process.


On the initial visit the owner will be asked to fill out a Pawfection Professional grooming services record card detailing the owners address, contact number, veterinary practice the dog/puppy is assigned to, together with your puppy’s date of birth, vaccination dates and history regarding health and sign the Pawfection Professional grooming terms and conditions.

Any dog which is groomed regularly will have its own record card. If anything, out of the ordinary is noticed, the owner will be informed. The owner will be asked questions if the puppy has had any health issues or skin irritations and the correct products can be selected from the history given by the owner. Only a shampoo supplied under prescription by a vet would be used if required. Pawfection Professional grooming services would not accept or use shampoos supplied by the owner with the exception of a veterinary prescription shampoo


Introducing your puppy early (as with anything) is the key to success here, alongside rewards of love care and attention I take time as a groomer to stop the grooming process taking the time out to hold and cuddle the puppy. The right groomer builds a bond with the puppy and building a mutual trust, moving from groomer to groomer is not advisable, dogs/puppies like routine.


There is a process to desensitize the puppy to the noise of the clippers and vibration. I rest the clippers on different part of the puppy’s body not clipping just letting the puppy get use to the noise and vibration of the clippers once this has been carried out and the puppy is calm and relaxed the clipping process can start with short breaks in between, building confidence and the bond between groomer and the puppy. I allow the puppy to see and smell the brushes, comb and clippers this reinforces not to be frightened of these tools.


Simple noises like hairdryers can stress puppies out, even adult dogs that have not experience this equipment can be unnerved by noise. Trying this at home can have an adverse effect if not done correctly, so finding out how the professional do it is the best first port of call (for instance, letting the puppy see the dryer itself…plus many more tricks!)


After the health check has been carried out, the puppy is combed and brushed establishing any mats and tangles within the coat, all the time the puppy is getting use to the process of being groomed and learning to stand on the table. If the nails need clipping, they are clipped at this stage, I refer to this as the initial start to the groom and it will also highlight any issues of nervousness or temperament issues.


Second stage is the bathing process. At Pawfection professional grooming service I only use a professional high-quality shampoo a product will be selected inline with the coat type and condition. Upon the bathing process being completed, the puppy will move to the third stage which is the drying process this will take place on the grooming table with a gentle slow dryer. The style dryer will be directed at the coat and brushing, combing takes place when the dryer is running, once the coat is dry then I move to the fourth stage, which is scissoring around the feet and removing excess fur from under the pads, then moving to the face and head removing fur from around the eyes and face, normally the clipping process is left till the next visit if required giving the puppy time to adjust to the grooming process.


When the groom is finished time is taken out to cuddle your puppy and if the owner leaves any treats this is the time to reward. When you arrive home your puppy may want to sleep and relax as the grooming process makes the puppy very tired.

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