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Questions & Answers

Q. How do you keep animals safe when in the care of Pawfection Professional grooming services?

A. Animals’ safety is always the first priority, there are separate veterinary approved holding cages which are hygienic and safe, with no contact to other dogs that may be in the groom room at the same time. with larger dogs there are two 6ft indoor kennels with outdoor runs

Q. What made you want to become a dog groomer?

A. I have worked with dogs all my life, I was a veterinary nurse when leaving school and I show dogs under the well-known Jaegerson affix I have also done obedience with my dogs. Dogs have always been a big part of my life and the obvious career path was to study and become a qualify professional dog groomer.

Q. How long will it take?

A. It depends on the condition of the coat and the style of the groom, for an average size dog the groom will take about one and half hours, larger dogs can take longer. At Pawfection Professional grooming services the business is built around the dog, if for any reason additional time is required due to the dog being nervous, unsure then we will spend extra time to reassure your best friend

Q. My dog is very unsure and nervous...

A. I will spend time to assess your best friend and establish if your dog has had any bad experiences with a previous groomer, is the dog a rescue if so, how long have you had the dog. When assessing your dog, I will find out more when stroking, brushing and combing and work around the issues building a friendship and bond. Making your dog feel safe and secure, start to desensitize your dog slowly over a period of grooms with the noises, like blow dryers, clippers, general every day noise of a grooming establishment. Use a positive calm voice with plenty of encouragement

Q. My dog has a sensitive skin...

A. A mild sensitive anti itch shampoo will be used, if you vet has given you a shampoo, we can use that

Q. Will you clip the nails?

A. The nails are clipped as part of the grooming process, only if they need doing

Q. Would you empty the annual glands?

A. As a qualified groomer we do not empty anal glands, if an anal abscess or any irritation or smell is detected then you would be notified enabling the findings to be reported to your vet

Q. I am not sure what groom my dog requires...

A. I will offer a free consultation and discuss what groom I would recommend when establishing the life style and coat condition

Q. My dog’s eyes have tear staining can you remove the stains?

A. We offer Blueberry face wash which can remove some of the staining but not all, this depends on many factors’ dietary, any allergies ongoing eye problems

Q. Do you have experience with all breeds of dogs?

A. I have a wealth of experience working with different breeds of dogs and coat types, as I am a qualified level 4 professional dog groomer. I show and judge dogs and familiar with pure breeds and designer breeds. I have groomed competition dogs to the kennel club standard

Q. I am not sure if my puppy needs a groom yet?

A. When the puppy is full vaccinated and between the age of 14-16 weeks I would recommend the first puppy groom

Q. My dog does not look matted I groom every day?

A. What grooming tools do you use; can you comb all the coat right down to the skin with a comb, if not then it’s possible the coat is matted

Q. My dog has a double coat and want it shaved off?

A. Double coated dogs need their undercoat to protect them from the elements-both hot and cold weather. Once you take that protection away from them, they will be exposed to all the elements. If you shave an undercoat off it may not grow back normally, it may grow back in patches, be a different color, or will not even grow back at all.

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