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Grooming Services

At Pawfection Professional Grooming Services I offer a variety of grooming services including hand stripping, nail clipping. The groom is tailored for your dog and life style, the full grooming session provides your best friend with everything they need to maintain a healthy coat.

Full Groom:

  • Free consultation with a groomer regarding your dog’s requirements

  • Shampoo: the shampoo used is a good quality brand, a shampoo will be selected that is complementary to the coat type and skin

  • Hand stripping is a grooming process that involves removing the dead hairs from the coat by hand instead of clipping to keep the coat tidy and healthy. This is usually completed twice a year in spring and autumn, it speeds up natural process of growth and shedding. The groomer plucks the outer guard hairs from the coat entirely by hand when the coat is blown. It is common practice to use tools such as stripping knives and stones to help with the process. Please note that when dogs/bitches have been neutered the coat may change in texture and therefor hand stripping may not be possible as the coat can become soft.

  • Blast dryer to remove excess water from the coat or towel dry

  • Blow dry with a style dryer ensuring the coat is lifted and dried from the root

  • Nail Clipping

  • Pads trimmed

  • Deodorizing spray


Puppy Pamper:


  • Free consultation with a groomer regarding your dog’s requirements

  • Advice regarding the best grooming routine for your puppy and correct brushes and combs to use

  • Shorter sessions to help reduce stress and anxiety

  • A gentle warm bath with a puppy shampoo

  • Blow dry, nail clipping

  • Pad and feet trimmed

  • Face trimmed around the eyes

  • Deodorizing dog and coat spray


Additional services and cost:


Blue Berry Facial wash is a special dog shampoo derived from blueberries. This can help decrease the appearance of tear stains in dogs while brightening their coats around the face and eyes. It’s a hypoallergenic, tearless, and lick safe option that naturally exfoliates as it cleans and hydrates. Blueberry facials offer the benefit of antioxidants and vitamins A, D, & E to itchy skin, irritated skin. Its like treating your dog to a spa day while addressing the tear stains.

This is a number of common causes of tear staining:


  • Glaucoma Build up of fluid in the eye

  • Eye infections These can result from Viruses, bacteria, or even irritants

  • Conjunctivitis The lining of the eye becomes inflamed, leading to discharge

  • Ingrowing eyelashes. Certain breeds are more prone to this it can be genetic, veterinary term entropion

  • Allergies Typically, environment, or related to food

  • Shallow eye sockets. A trait seen in brachycephalic dogs, bulging eyes can prevent eyelids from closing properly.


These breeds are more prone to tear stains:


  • Shih-Tzu

  • Pekingese

  • Maltese

  • Pug, bulldogs, and other brachycephalic dogs

  • Poodles


The Blueberry facial scrub/wash is available at an additional charge please ask the groomer if you would like this service, the facial scrub is carried out when your dog has a bath


Additional service and cost:


Ear cleaning - Pawfection Professional Grooming Service use a good quality ear cleaning solution removing wax build up from the ear with cotton pads. Please note, no cotton buds or instruments are used as you could perforate the ear drum if your vet supplies you with an ear cleaner, we are more than happy to use a product your vet has supplied you

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